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BTA is a financial advisory service with focus on Wealth Management.

Founded and managed by a team with vast experience in Private Banking and Asset Management, BTA provides its clients with highly customized and independent investment advice. Located in Dubai, where its Financial Centre (DIFC) is the financial hub for the Middle East, Africa and South Asia, providing a world-class platform connecting this region’s markets with the economies of Europe, South East Asia and the Americas.

BTA transparency and Independence allows to satisfy clients’ needs and attain their financial objectives. Both as financial professionals and entrepreneurs, BTA is committed to making your future projects a success.



UAE has the second largest economy in the GCC (after Saudi Arabia), with a gross domestic product (GDP) of $407 billion in 2017. Since independence in 1971, UAE’s economy has grown by nearly 231 times and the non-oil trade has grown by around 28 times. UAE is ranked as the 31st best nation in the world for doing business based on its economy and regulatory environment, ranked by the Doing Business 2016 Report published by the World Bank Group.

Since few decades, the UAE has taken the benefit of its location and due to its openness and vision of their rulers attracted the expertise in the most relevant areas of business. Today the UAE is a relevant hub for business, where entrepreneurs and companies enjoy the importance of the region for their growth.

The fast growth of the country helped by its safety and modernity has contributed to the setup of the most relevant players in the industries as Finance, Trading, Consultancy and Technology.

To be present in the UAE is more than a relevant action to those who desire to expand their business and access world wider network of contacts and relations. BTA choose UAE for all the benefits it offers, for the strength of the local economy and as a gate way to MENASA region. The MENASA region is projected to have a GDP around $12.8 Trn by 2023, has 23% of the world’s population where 50% is under 25 years old, 45% of global oil reserves and 28% of global natural gas reserves.

Dubai, connects the world, reaching 1/3 of the world population in 4-hour flight radius and 2/3 of the world population with 8-hour flight radius. Dubai airport is the world’s busiest airport by international passenger traffic, and as of January 2016, there are over 7,700 weekly flights operated by 140 airlines to over 270 destinations across all six inhabited continents.


BTA is established in the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) and regulated by the DFSA.

DIFC is the financial hub for the Middle East, Africa and South Asia, providing a world-class platform connecting this region’s markets with the economies of Europe, Asia and the Americas.

With its own independent, internationally regulated regulator (DFSA) and judicial system, common law framework, global financial exchange, tax-friendly regime, and a large, cosmopolitan business community is a leading international financial center, providing a stable, mature and secure base for financial institutions to develop their wholesale businesses The district houses hundreds of financial institutions, including wealth funds and private investors, but it also hosts multinationals, retail outlets, cafés, restaurants, residential space, public green spaces, hotels and art galleries. Currently has more than 1000 registered companies, which includes top 30 banks, top 20 money managers, top 10 insurance companies and position on top of Global Financial Center.

Located midway between the global financial centers of London in the west and Singapore in the east, DIFC fills a vital time-zone gap with a workday that bridges the market and business hours of financial centers in both Asia and North America.

The Team

Humberto Coelho – CEO & Managing Partner

Founder and Managing Partner, Humberto is a former Managing Director of a Private & Wealth Management Bank in DIFC (Dubai) with more than 20 years of banking experience. Humberto is recognized by his strongly experience in the Wealth Management Industry.

Luis Freire – CIO & Managing Partner

Founder and Managing Partner, Luis has more than 27 years’ experience in Private Banking and Asset Management. Having been on the management of different entities on the industry, Luis brings a deep knowledge and experience on the Asset Management field.

Henrique Anjos – CFO & Managing Partner

Founder and CFO, Henrique has more than 15 years’ experience in Global Banking and Financial Industry Services. Former CFO of a European Bank in DIFC (DUBAI), Henrique have been in previously several top tier investment banks across Europe, mostly in global markets.

Pedro Caeiro – Head of Wealth Management

Responsible for BTA Wealth Management, Pedro has more than 15 years’ experience in the Banking Industry. Pedro spend most of his career on the commercial area and working in benchmark financial groups across Portugal, Spain and Dubai.

Nicolas Jugniot –Wealth Management Senior Advisor

Nicolas joined BTA in 2017 with the role of Wealth Management Senior Advisor. Nicolas has more than 17 years’ experience in Investment Banking and Private Banking. During his career, Nicolas covered UHNW’s, FX Advisors and Asset Managers in different top tier global banks across Europe. Before Dubai.